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Welcome to the World Integrity Foundation (wifpedia).

Wifpedia is a non-profit foundation, where citizens worldwide can share direct interest and financial streams from people or organizations working or related to the government. The goal is to achieve real democracy by creating a transparent government. Transparency prevents and expose corruption. Financial streams, direct interest as in investment, benefits, business and family relationship with corporations or non-profit organizations leads to corruption.

The goal of the government is to serve the country and citizen. Unfortunately, the role has changed where the citizen is serving the government. In the near future, the aim of our leaders is to create a "World Government' with more authority through globalization and worldwide cooperation of most countries. With increasing IT infrastructure and technology, global surveillance of the citizen will be increasing. This alone does not lead to any problems if the citizens can trust the government 100%, which unfortunately is not the case. The distrust is not the fault of the citizen as everything works with causality.

Corruption in the government, monarchs or rulers has been of all ages. Nowadays, noone bats an eye when another corrupt entity has been exposed and gotten away. The citizen has come to accept corruption due to it being neglected without real consequences. This is the fault itself, corruption should never be accepted. The citizen has been given deceptive democracy. By giving the citizen a right to vote does not mean the citizen does have any rights. The majority of the policy has been decided and ruled by entities hidden from public. It is unclear for the citizen to know what direct interest a certain politician have. Without transparency there is no democracy.

Together we can create a better society. It is normal for any employer to request relevant information of their employees. The government is in service of the citizen. They serve a much more critical role of our country and society. We trust the government to act for our interest in education, health, economy and more. It should be normal for them to be transparent to protect our national interest by providing us transparancy in their financial streams and any kind of beneficial interests to protect the integrity and prevent corruption.

The World Integrity foundation's aim is to change the system. Only by changing the system, we can trust the government fully and benefit from it as a society. Take action now, only if we combine hands together, we can change the system. Start by exposing integrity breaches, direct interests and corruption on Wifpedia.

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